Sex, Kids, and Communication Survival

Let’s talk about sex. Yep, I thought that would get your attention. It sure got mine when my son in Jr. high school started asking me VERY specific questions about this subject last night! My first reaction was to give him some blanket answers and tell him he will “figure it out” or “find out when he’s a little older.” But then, as I was trying to keep a straight face, I began to see past the words and the uncomfortable subject into a face of wonder, amazement, and confusion. My son was trusting me to give him the truth. He was opening up to me and asking me to provide real life answers to things he must encounter in his world. What an honor!

I am continually amazed how much I can handle in my everyday life by choosing which part I look at. Of course I don’t exactly enjoy answering these embarrassing questions and explaining what some things are (and aren’t…you would be AMAZED what the minds of Jr. high boys can conjure up!!!!) But let me tell you, sitting there on that porch step with my son, I felt so grateful to have a close enough relationship with him that he opened up his little heart and listened to his mom.

After about an hour of honest answers to questions I cannot bear to repeat, the little sex chat ended with a hug and a big thank you from my baby boy who seems to be growing up too fast. He was so relieved to have the truth. He no longer had to lay in his bed at night and wonder what to believe and if he was bad to even be thinking about these things. The bottom line is, if we embrace the moment for what it is (uncomfortable or not) and choose to see the good, every situation holds an opportunity to love more and fear less— even when we’re talking to our kids about sex! So when you find yourself in this uncomfortable situation as a parent, just remember, 1) You don’t have to have the perfect answer or say everything right 2) This is a great bonding opportunity if you look at it as such 3) Try to keep a straight face and the GASPs to a minimum!